This 3 week Hands-On series is designed for the beginner cook who wants to learn the basics as well as the seasoned cook wanting to refine his or her skills.  

In each class we cover the fundamentals of cooking techniques, ingredients and  equipment that will help make you a more confident, capable cook...  

Ever wanted to open a cook book and be confident enough to make anything that  caught your eye?  Or what to do when you try a new recipe and it comes out all wrong but you don’t know what to do differently or how to fix it.  

In PREP's Learn To Cook Series, Chef Elizabeth Whitt teaches you the theory and techniques behind the recipes so you can translate your knowledge to make any recipe successfully.  

All classes start with a thorough instruction in and hands on practice of knife skills, then a discussion of each recipe and how they focus on key techniques essential to good cooking.  Elizabeth helps you understand the hows and whys of recipes -- how to wisely plan steps, time and space and execution methods that will take you from start to finish with consistently successful results.  

We will arm you with basic building blocks of cooking and recipe skills so you can prepare easy, stress-free but delicious and creative meals for yourself, family or guests.

In PREP's Learn To Cook Series Chef Whitt instructs in a highly methodical, precise manner, carefully attending to the student's skill levels and striving to provide for each student their own personal class objectives stated on the first day of class.

PREP's Learn To Cook Series  with Chef Elizabeth Whitt
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Le Grande Diplôme in Pastry and Cuisine,
Le Cordon Bleu Paris '99, Chef Elizabeth Whitt is a constant student of international cuisine and known for sharing her extensive Knowledge in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. Elizabeth held the position of Director of Le Cordon Bleu’s summer program.  
Missed Class Policy:  Please note we are not able to accommodate make up sessions for missed classes as most of our Learn To Cook Series fill to capacity.  Please see our full cancellation policy.

 Learn To Cook - EVENINGS
 Wednesdays April 25, May 2, May 9 
 from 6:30-9p

  $259   ENROLL

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 Learn To Cook - EVENINGS
 Tuesdays July 10, 17, 24
  from 6:30-9p

  $259   ENROLL​ 


Week 1 of Series
In this class we focus on knife skills and kitchen basics such as recipe reading, mise en place, kitchen organization,  vegetable cuts, and fresh herbs.  We learn the techniques of sautéing, sweating, soups and stocks, pan sauces, cooking perfect starches, cooking with wine.
Sample Menu:   Tuscan Vegetable Soup, Pan Seared Chicken Breasts or Pork Chops, Lemon Caper Pan Sauce or Mushroom Cream Sauce, Perfect Pasta with Herbs and Cheese

Week 2 of Series

In the second part of our series we continue with more knife skills and learn more vegetable cuts, adding to class 1.  We focus on techniques of roasting meats and vegetables, vinaigrettes and sauces, poaching, hearty herbs and making perfect omelettes.  We will also talk about salts, olive oils, vinegars and kitchen timing.
Sample Menu:
Cobb Salad, Herb Crusted Pork Roast with a Mustard Cream Sauce or Herb Roasted Whole Chicken with Homemade Gravy , Herb Roasted Seasonal Vegetables, Omelettes

Week 3 of Series
We will discuss different cuts of meat and how each should be cooked.  We will focus on the techniques of braising, stir frying, rice pilafs and hard boiled eggs.  We discuss cooking with the seasons and tips for substituting ingredients, entertaining and make ahead dishes so you can spend your time with your guests rather than in the kitchen.
Sample Menu:
Braised Chicken w/ Leek and Mushroom Cream
Sauce, Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry Smoked Paprika and Black Olive Deviled Eggs , Rice Pilaf