Alamitos Bay Marina: The Pride of Long Beach

Alamitos Bay Marina

Long Beach Marina has been long considered to be one of the greatest marinas in California, if not the entire country. Breaking ground in the 1950’s the Alamitos Bay Marina was the very first marina in Long Beach. Having close to 2,000 slips, it is the biggest of the three city owned marinas in Long Beach. In fact, it is so massive, it harbors another smaller marina---Crissman’s Marina---inside of it. The Alamitos Bay Marina serves as host to the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, a shipyard, a farmer’s market, and a crafts fair.

Slip Rates

Purchase of an annual slip at this Long Beach marina includes:

● All amenities

● Free Wi-fi

● Secure parking lot

● 24-hour surveillance

● Pool access/gym access

● Shower and laundry facilities

Wooden fixed pier slip rate: $80 per foot annually

Dockage spaces have enough room to house over 300 boats up to 100 foot long. The fueling dock can be used to safely fuel jet skis and smaller watercraft. Provides refueling service for both gas and diesel powered boats and craft.

Alamitos Bay Yacht Club

Noted around the world for training fantastic racers and hosting great races, The Alamitos Bay Yacht Club is home to generations of sailing families. In 1924, the ABYC was founded by a group of twelve local sailors and boat makers.

This prestigious club was the first of its kind in the US to earn the coveted St. Petersburg Yacht

Club Trophy. Due to their hosting of the 1968 Snipe Nations and the 1981 Snipe Worlds, they were the first club to receive the award a second time.

The ABYC hosted the Clifford Day Mallory Cup in 1976 and the Snip Western Hemisphere and Orient Championship in 2002. Aside from these big name championships, the ABYC also hosted several world championships.

These names include:

● The Tornado World Championships (1977 and 1993)

● Snipe Worlds Championship (1981)

● ISAF World Women’s Sailing Championship (1991)

● The Finn Gold Cup (1974)

● The International A-class catamaran World Championship (1997)

● The International 14 Fleet Racing World Championships (1979 and 2006)

● Melges 24 World Championships in (1999)

Marina Farmer’s Market

If you are interested in organic produce fresh from the source, you are in luck. Long Beach is stuffed with a number of fantastic farmers markets where you can find everything you need for the week ahead.

Nestled in the Alamitos Bay Marina parking lot, this farmers market is hosted weekly, and is a fantastic way to spend a Sunday. This market offers a large variety of produce grown from local vendors. You can also find fresh herbs, fruit, bakery items, flowers, cheese and honey from the best vendors in Long Beach. Despite current rumors, it is still operational.

This market opens each Sunday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Arts and Crafts Fair

Once you are done shopping for goods at the Farmers Market, head down to the Arts and

Crafts Fair. With the same opening hours and an adjacent location, The Alamitos Bay Marina Arts and Crafts Fair has been a weekly event for years. As you shop, you will notice multiple booths with art, high end crafts and unique specialty items.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, you are in luck. The Marina Arts and Crafts Fair is looking for artists and vendors that specialize in higher end and unique items. This community show is considered to have an eclectic beach theme, so if your work fits this description, consider applying. On their website that can be found here , a vendor application can be printed and filled out.