Seal Beach: A Hidden Oceanside Gem

Seal Beach, CA

A small beachside town between the more populated cities of Long Beach and Huntington Beach, the city of Seal Beach is a charming getaway for locals and tourists alike. This sleepy hamlet was once known as “Bay City”, but its name was later changed due a city in Northern California already owning the title. The town instead earned the name Seal Beach after the seals that once roamed the beach. Though once known as “Sin City”, today, people come to visit or call it home for the wholesome, family friendly appeal.



Popular Attractions in Seal Beach


Serving as the main attraction, the Seal Beach Pier is a definite must see. Embracing the seal theme after which it is named, the walk to the pier is a delight to see.


 As you explore the beach, you will see street signs and trash cans decorated with seals, and the playground underneath the pier has seal themed rides for the children.


At the entrance to Seal Beach Pier, you will find a statue of the town mascot: a friendly seal named Slick. Many tourists and locals enjoy taking photos with Slick as they enter the pier, but the true highlight to Seal Beach Pier are the sunsets. During the holidays, all walks of life come to the pier to enjoy the warm nights and the beautiful glow of the sunsets.


This public pier also offers free fishing experiences for tourists and locals. Dozens of anglers fish are caught from the pier daily, a fun family activity for all ages.




Dining in Seal Beach


Along with scenic views and family fun, Seal Beach also offers a number of options in the way of cuisine.


Though long closed, The Parasol Restaurant deserves a place on the list simply due to historical value. The Parasol Restaurant served as one of the last examples of programmatic architecture, a theme for roadside diners in the space age era.

The restaurant first opened in 1967, and later was made famous in 1973 after being featured in the film American Graffiti. Before it’s demise, the pink and white parasol structure of the diner was a local icon.

While The Parasol is a part of history now, there are many other options for a variety of tastes if you are in the mood for a meal.

If you are a fan of seafood, the award-winning Walt’s Wharf is a popular option. Walt’s Wharf touts themselves as the local favorite for fresh seafood and fish. Offering a comfortable atmosphere and intriguing dishes such as the “world famous” oak grilled artichokes, Walt’s Wharf is worth featuring as a must if you are looking to dine in Seal Beach.

If you are not in the mood for seafood or perhaps you’d like to choose from a variety of dining experiences, below you will find a list of local eateries in Seal Beach that may peak your interest.

Fine Dining:

●       Spaghettini Italian Grill and Lounge: Italian, American (Vegetarian friendly)

●      Michael's on Naples: Italian (Vegetarian and Vegan friendly)

●      Patty's Place: American (Vegetarian friendly)


Local Cuisine:


●      Blackboard Bistro: American, Cafe (Vegetarian friendly)

●      The Hangout Restaurant & Beach Bar: American, seafood (Vegetarian friendly)

●      The Crema Cafe: American, Cafe (Vegetarian friendly)


Budget Friendly:


●      Taco Surf: Mexican (Vegetarian friendly)

●      Old Town Cafe: American, Cafe (Vegetarian friendly)

●      Athens West: Greek, Mediterranean (Vegetarian friendly)



No matter what you decide to do during your visit to Seal Beach, whether you stroll along the beach or fish at the pier, you are guaranteed a fun filled experience. So, grab your family, your camera, and some sunscreen, and take a picture with Slick for me!