We’ll send you 6 easy-to-do date nights made up of food & fun, each centered around a theme that sustains happy, satisfying relationships!

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Once per week, we’ll send you:

An Experience Bring the heat out of the kitchen with an experience or an exercise to try over your shared meal.

A Recipe Create a meal & a relationship that’s rich with flavor.

A Suggested Wine Pairing Enjoy a wine that complements the food you’ve created.


Cooking together is one of the easiest ways couples can strengthen their relationship. The bonds we create over food extend beyond simply sharing a table. The act of creating in the kitchen together encourages new and artful ways of communicating, and becomes a shared experience that fosters a sense of intimacy and accomplishment.



Your 6 week cooking adventure will have a fun new theme to explore every week!


Week 1: Adventure

This week the focus isn't on the menu being adventurous...but on you having a little adventure as a couple!

Week 2: Gratitude

For this week you’ll be slowing it down a little and cooking something delicious…with love.


Week 3: Something New

We’ll be challenging you to stretch your imagination by doing something fresh, fun, and stimulating!

Week 4: Kindness

This week you’ll be working together on a treat with the sweet one in your life!


Week 5: Reflection

You’ll be enjoying a dish you’re guaranteed to love this week…because it’s all about your favorite things for this date night.

Week 6: Celebrate

This week is all about celebrating each other and your love with a new adventure we think you’ve earned!


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