My weakness has always been food and men - in that order.
— Dolly Parton

When shopping at PREP Kitchen Essentials, rest assured that you are getting the highest quality, longest lasting products available.  We've compiled the research.  We've performed the testing.  We don't believe in disposable kitchenwares.  Every product we sell gets rigorously tested by chefs and students in our cooking classes.  We would never sell anything we wouldn't use in our own kitchen. 

At PREP we:

  • Carry only products of the highest quality with the highest endurance and performance levels
  • Test everything we sell in our high-volume cooking school
  • Scour the markets to find and offer as many MADE IN AMERICA products as possible
  • Sell tools & equipment that work and last a lifetime.  If you buy it at our store, you will not have to replace it

Our collection of products include trusted, quality brands that you can be proud to have in your kitchen. 

We are an elite retailer of: