A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.
— Barbara Johnson

Kids Classes

Our Kids Classes are not like others where a bowl and whisk are passed around and kids take turns stirring. PREP kids make all of the recipes from scratch...handmade pasta, grilled steaks, French macarons --whatever is on our menu, the kids make it!  We prioritize kitchen safety and carefully instruct proper knife skills. By the end of class, your little chef will be chopping, sautéing, grilling and wanting to come back for more!

Kids & Teen Parties

Hold your child's next party at PREP and leave the mess with us!  Your kiddo (little ones and teens alike) can be an executive chef for the day by hand-selecting the guest list, entrée, side, dessert, and music.

  • 100% hands-on cooking

  • Attendees make everything

  • All recipes made from scratch

Parties last about 2 ½ hours and guests will make 3-4 recipes of their choosing depending on complexity.  Or if you prefer, allow our experienced party planners to suggest a perfect menu for you.  At PREP's Kids & Teen Cooking Parties, we guarantee more fun than should be allowed!

Kids Summer Cooking Camps

In our camps, kids get to learn, experiment and be adventurous in a low discipline and minimal rules environment where learning comes by doing. Our seasoned staff provides demonstration of tasks, which the children will then replicate under supervision. Our kids learn to cook by doing, making mistakes, fixing them and trying new things for improvement. Children will learn how to: chop, dice, mince, slice, julienne, sear, whisk, sauté, knead, grill, bake and more!  Our kids never cease to amaze us with how capable and creative they are in the kitchen.

  • Camps run Monday through Thursday over the summer (some holiday weeks excluded), from 11:00am to 1:30pm.

  • 100% hands-on and everything made from scratch. No “baby recipes.”

  • Each week is broken into different age groups: 5-8 and 9-13. We also have one special week specifically curated for Teenagers. Please check the calendar for detailed information and menus.