Seal Beach Municipal Pier: An Adventure for the Whole Family

Seal Beach Municipal Pier

Serving as the main attraction of the Orange County town known as Seal Beach, Seal Beach Municipal Pier is a hot spot for locals and tourists alike. Surfers come daily to ride the waves, while tourists come to walk along the pier and enjoy the stellar sights. As one of the longest public piers in California, the pier ends square in the middle of the water that makes up Seal Beach.

History of Seal Beach Municipal Pier

Though a consistently popular focal point of Orange County today, Seal Beach Municipal Pier has experienced a number of setbacks and disasters over the course of a century.

In 1939, during its infancy, the pier was rocked by a hurricane. The vicious winds and huge swelling waves cut the pier clean in half. The pier again succumbed to a massive storm in 1983.

The crest of the incredible waves caused by the gale lifted the pier 1,1140 off its foundation pilings.

Considered an integral part of the identity of Orange County and Seal Beach itself, locals took action. Through private donations, the pier was restored to its full wooden glory. After the major renovations, however, disaster struck again twice in 1992 and again in 1994 by way of fire.

Each time, locals fund raised to save and restore the pier. Fully intact, the pier stands today as a beacon of Orange County Pride.

Things to Do When Visiting the Pier

Whether you are just visiting or are a local, there is something for everyone to do when visiting Seal Beach Municipal Pier.

Seal Beach Municipal Pier Playground

Along the beach and just below the pier, you and your family can enjoy the seal-themed

playground. Adults and children alike can build sand sculptures from the mounds of sand or play on the quirky slides and swings. At the base of the pier just beyond the playground, a statue of the Seal Beach mascot, Slick the Seal, can be found. Slick is a fantastic photo-op and a delight for all ages.

Fishing on the Seal Beach Municipal Pier

Seal Beach Municipal Pier is one of the most popular piers for fishing. Because this is a public pier, a fishing license isn’t required, but there are regulations on the size and type of fish you may keep.

While you cannot purchase bait and tackle from a shop on the pier, there are several places

nearby where you can buy the bait you need. Across the street, Seal Beach Liquor Store sells bait. If you are in need of more supplies, there is a fishing store a mile out on the Pacific Coast Highway that sells fishing gear like rods, tackle gear, reels, and bait.

On the Seal Beach Pier, you can expect to catch stingrays, small sharks, halibut, corbinia, and a variety of seasonal fish.

For those interested, a yearly children’s fishing derby is hosted on the Seal Beach Pier. The kids are taught the basics of fishing: baiting their lines, casting a line from the pier, and the mechanics of catching and reeling in a fish.

Dining on the Seal Beach Municipal Pier

Though the Ruby’s Diner that once stood at the end of the pier is no longer, the surrounding town of Seal Beach offers a wide variety of dining opportunities. The most notable restaurant to visit is the award-winning Walt’s Wharf. If you are looking for just a quick bit or are in the mood for other options, however, do not fret. There are several restaurants in the surrounding area that will do the trick.